Access Control Policy


This Access Control Policy describes the protection of Seneca College property, assets, and employees through the use of Keys and Access Cards.


All locks and Access Control System hardware are the sole property of Seneca College.

Seneca College reserves the right to change locks, keys, and access levels as needed. No one may alter or place a lock on a Seneca College facility, interior or exterior, that is not approved by the Facilities Management Department.

All Keys and Access Cards are the property of Seneca College and must be returned to Campus Security when leaving the employment of the College, transferring to another department or campus, no longer required, or requested by Campus Security.


Access Card

A programmable card that is used to disengage a locking mechanism on the Access Control System, thereby permitting access to a building or space that is otherwise locked.

Access Control System

A locking system that consists of hardware and software, which controls access with a programmed access card.

Access Level

A door or group of doors programmed with specific authorized access.

Access User

An individual that could be a Seneca College employee, student, visitor, vendor or contractor who has been authorized to be in possession of a Seneca College key(s) and / or access card(s).


Either a Key or an Access Card used to provide authorized access into a space.


This policy applies to all Seneca College owned infrastructure and Access Control Systems. It also applies to all Seneca College employees, students, visitors, vendors, and contractors who require key or card access to Seneca College infrastructure.


Requesting of Key or Card Access

All requests for Keys or Access Cards require a Key/Access Card Form to be completed and submitted to Campus Security for processing. The form must be approved by the Access User’s Supervisor or Manager or else it will not be processed and returned to the Access User. All incomplete, illegible, incorrect, or unsigned forms will be returned to the Access User for correction and resubmission.

All Key/Access Card Forms will be reviewed and approved by Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance to ensure that the correct security permissions are provided to the Access User. Depending on the level of key and card access being requested, access authorization will be required from Supervisor.

Keys will not be issued for an area / door that has access already being controlled via a card reader or that is scheduled to be unlocked during defined operating hours.

Only one key will be issued per Access User for each door requested.

For processed Key/Access Card Forms, Campus Security will contact the Access User via email or office phone extension notifying them that their Key/Access Card is ready for pick-up. The expected turnaround time to process a request is seven (7) business days for Keys and Access Cards.

Only the Access User may sign for and pick up the Key/Access Card when it is available. Campus Security will be requesting identification from the Access User before issuance of the Key/Access Card to the Access User.

If a Key/Access Card is not picked up within ten (10) business days from the available date, the request will be cancelled, Key/Access Card returned to inventory, and another Key/Access Card Form will have to be submitted.

Reporting a Lost/Stolen and Damaged Keys/Cards

In order to maintain the protection of Seneca College property, assets and employees, it is important to report lost / stolen or damaged Key/Access Card immediately to Campus Security.

If a broken or damaged key is being replaced, all pieces of the broken / damaged key must be turned into Campus Security prior to a replacement key being issued. Facilities Operations & Maintenance may be able to retrieve the broken key from the lock. There is no charge for a replacement key when this procedure is followed.

Contractors who lose assigned Key/Access Card will be held financially accountable for all associated costs related to the Key/Access Card.
Access Users that lose their Access Card more than once will have to pay a replacement fee upon the issuance of a new Access Card and the Access User’s Supervisor will be notified.

If a door lock-core must be changed for reasons that are due to the negligence of the Access User, such as lost key, the actual costs of re-keying will be charged to the department originally authorizing the key(s) and / or the Access User to whom the key(s) were issued.

Violation of Access Control Policy

If there is a suspicion that a violation of the Access Control Policy has occurred, individuals are to report them to Campus Security.

Request for Access Control Information or Status on Requests

For any Access Control information requests or inquiries on the status of Key and Access Card requests, they are to be directed to Campus Security.

Access User Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance of this Policy.
  • The loss or theft of any Key/Access Card are to be immediately reported to Campus Security.
  • When entering locked buildings or spaces, responsible for re-securing all doors.
  • Shall not prop doors or leave them unlocked during hours when the facility is normally closed or are intended to be secured at all times.
  • Responsible for the physical security of the Key/Access Card issued to them.
  • Shall not allow unauthorized access and/or duplication of their Key/Access Card.
  • Will not loan or transfer assigned Key and/or Access Card. Access Users found in the possession and use of another Access User's Key and / or Access Card shall have the Key and / or Access Card confiscated by Campus Security and may face disciplinary action by the College.
  • Will return all Key(s) / Access Card(s) when requested by the College and / or when no longer employed by the College.
  • Shall cooperate and provide requested information during Key and Access Card audits.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Must review and approve or disapprove all Key/Access Card requests for areas under their direct control. Access authorization will be required from the Supervisor.
  • Responsible for the collection and return of unused Keys and Access Cards.
  • With the approval of Facilities Management, may hold and re-issue student Key/Access Cards for areas under their direct control (i.e. A/V Edit Suites at S@Y). It will be the responsibility of the Supervisor to maintain an audit of Key/Access Card issuance.
  • Must not re-issue Key/Access Cards of employees that are no longer employed by the College.
  • Financially responsible for lock changes that occur due to a lack of accountability for issued Keys and Access Cards.
  • May request new installation, upgrades or changing of lock/locking mechanisms for their departmental workspace. Requests are to be submitted via the Facilities Service Request System. Depending on the request, there may be a need to submit a formal capital request to Finance.
  • All lock changes initiated by a Supervisor shall be the financial responsibility of their department.

Campus Security Responsibilities/Security Systems Administrator

  • Implements and enforces the Access Control Policy.
  • Provide on-going assistance on matters related to Key and Access Card usage.
  • Collects Key/Access Card Forms, Keys and Access Cards for processing.
  • Responsible for the issuance of all Seneca College Keys and Access Cards.
  • Coordinates with Facilities Operations & Maintenance, Locksmith for hardware replacement and upgrades.
  • Reports any access control hardware deficiencies for repair, replacement, and / or upgrades.
  • Works with Facilities Operations & Maintenance in assessing and determining access control requirements for the College.
  • If a request is made by a Supervisor; Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance shall review existing access control methods and make recommendations for upgrade or improvements.
  • Maintains key control of key rings for non-college personnel (i.e. contractors, guests)
  • When required, investigates all reports of lost or stolen keys, and deactivates access cards immediately.
  • Monitors Access Control System for emergencies, failures, alarms, etc.
  • Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance will conduct Key/Access Card audits as required.

Facilities Operations & Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the creation, issuance and storage of all Seneca College keys.
  • Controls inventory of all keys and locks with the exception of TEL building. Primary contact is Facilities Operations & Maintenance Locksmith.
  • Establishes and maintains keying systems in coordination with Security Services for the purpose of security and controlled access.
  • If a request is made by a Supervisor; Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance shall review existing access control methods and make recommendations for upgrade or improvements.
  • Performs or contracts all locksmith work.
  • Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance will conduct Key/Access Card audits as required.
  • Maintains and repairs the access control system as required through the use of internal and external resources.
  • Works with Security Services and Information Technology Services on access control capital initiatives.

Human Resources Responsibilities

  • Informs Campus Security of any termination, retirement, resignation, or withdrawal of a full-time employee that is in possession of a Key and / or Access Card.
  • All issued Key/Access Cards must be returned and signed off to Campus Security upon termination, retirement, resignation, or withdrawal from Seneca College.

Information Technology Services Responsibilities

  • Scheduled back up of access control system databases and servers.
  • Maintains and repairs the IT infrastructure utilized by the Access Control System as required.
  • Works with Security Services and Facilities Operations & Maintenance in determining IT related requirements for access control capital initiatives.
  • Assist with the repair of database and servers as required.