Anti-Nepotism Policy

Policy Statement

It is the Policy of the College that no individual shall be advantaged in securing and/or maintaining full-time or part-time employment at the College as a result of nepotism, defined as an employment advantage from a familial or an intimate personal relationship with another full or part-time faculty, administrative or support staff employee.

Administrative Guidelines

In keeping with the intent of this policy, the following provisions shall apply:

  1. Full-time and/or part-time employees cannot be directly or indirectly supervised by a member of his/her family, or by an individual with whom they have an intimate personal relationship. Supervision is defined as, but not limited to: the granting or denying of a benefit; including assignment of work; providing direction or instructions to members of a work group; assigning or coordinating projects; or engaging in disciplinary or evaluative functions. Exceptions may be considered under extenuating circumstances by the Vice-President of Human Resources.
  2. Individuals who are being considered for a position at the College are required to identify any Seneca College employee who is a family member and/or individuals with whom they have an intimate personal relationship. This identification shall be made before and/or during the application process, in confidence, to the Hiring Manager and the Director of Human Resource Services.
  3. Relationships formed after employment, are subject to (1) and (2). Personal and familial relationships that would contravene this policy must be declared to the directing administrator and recorded with the Director of Human Resource Services.
  4. Upon reviewing any existing reporting arrangements that may be in contravention of this policy, and where it is determined by the directing supervisor that circumstances warrant an arrangement cease, provisions of the collective agreement(s) or the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Administrative Staff employees shall apply.
  5. Administrators are responsible and accountable for the application of the Policy as an administrative employee, supervisor, hiring manager and/or candidate in a competition. Failure to abide by this Policy could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The Office of the Vice-President, Human Resources shall be responsible for addressing and resolving any issues arising out of the introduction, implementation and ongoing administration of this Policy.