Interior Window Covering Policy


It is recognized that various spaces in Seneca, such as, meeting rooms and offices require a level of privacy to facilitate activities that occur within them. The purpose of this policy is to provide a standardized method of maintaining the appropriate level of privacy in these spaces while at the same time reducing the overall fire risk of the college and allowing visual access in the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise.


This policy applies to Seneca employees, service contractors and any other group or affiliation using or renting/leasing college spaces.

Key Definitions

Interior Window

Windows that separate one interior space from another in college facilities. For example; office, meeting, or classroom windows that face interior hallways or open spaces.

Exterior Window

Windows that separate interior spaces from the outside environment.

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)

Inspection Team Comprised of members of the campus joint health and safety committees. They inspect selected portions of the workplace each month for safety hazards.


A person who has charge of a workplace or authority over a worker. This can include department Managers, Academic Chairs, Deans and College Executives.

Seneca Community

Students, faculty, staff, contract employees and all other groups or individuals who use Seneca facilities


1. Roles and Responsibilities

1.1 Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that departments and employees under their control are informed about and comply with this policy.  They are also responsible for ensuring that unapproved window coverings are removed from interior windows.

1.2 Seneca Community members are responsible for complying with this policy.

1.3 During workplace inspections, campus JHSC inspection teams may assist in identifying window coverings that may pose a fire or safety hazard to members of the Seneca Community and assets.

2. Communication

2.1 This policy will be communicated to employees and service contractors via email.  The policy will also be posted on My.Seneca.

3. Training

3.1 Supervisors must ensure that employees are informed about and understand this policy.

4. Evaluation

4.1 The effectiveness of this policy will be evaluated by the following means;

  • visual inspections by the Health and Safety office and JHSC inspection teams;
  • annual review of the policy by the Central JHSC.

5. Requirements for Interior Window Coverings

5.1 Interior windows shall be kept clear of unapproved coverings and obstructions.  Unapproved coverings and obstructions include, but are not limited to cardboard and paper products, retractable blinds, fabric curtains and foils. Any unapproved window covering shall be replaced with one of the standardized college approved privacy glazing (see Appendix 1).

5.2 During workplace safety inspections, campus JHSC inspection teams are responsible for assisting in the identification of possible safety hazards and the notification of involved Seneca management. This may include the identification of spaces, to Supervisors and the Health and Safety Office, that have unapproved window coverings.

5.3 Window covering replacements should be planned and budgeted for, in concert with Facilities Management.

5.4 Facilities Management will include the cost of applying the college approved privacy glazing as part of any future space change, renovation or new build project.

6. Special Cases

6.1 In circumstances where spaces have special uses or purposes, Supervisors may request a variance in the application of this policy.

6.2 Facilities Management and Health and Safety are to be consulted in these matters for a resolution.

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Appendix 1

College Approved Interior Window Privacy Glazing’s

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