Libraries Policy


To ensure Seneca Libraries activities related to collection development, service standards and use of spaces support Seneca’s teaching and learning needs.


This policy applies to Seneca students, faculty, staff and community borrowers of library resources.

Key Definitions


Students, staff and faculty currently registered with Seneca. Certain borrowing privileges also extend to community borrowers, including Seneca alumni, direct borrowers, inter-library loans and retirees.


Print, electronic and archival materials relevant to the teaching, learning, research and recreational interests of Seneca. Examples include books, journals, videos and subscription databases.

Community borrowers

Residents of the regions served by Seneca who have registered to gain access to Seneca Libraries’ materials and may borrow items from the general collection that have not been designated as high-demand materials.

Direct borrowers

Current students, staff and faculty from Ontario colleges participating in the Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources’ Ontario Colleges Direct Borrowing Agreement.

Inter-library loans

The loaning of collections from external libraries to Seneca students, faculty and staff.


The access and use of Seneca Libraries’ collections and spaces and the in-person and virtual supports for the development of core literacies.


The physical service, collections and study areas within each Seneca campus library.


Seneca Libraries supports Seneca’s teaching and learning needs through the provision of equitable access and fair use of collections, services and learning spaces.

This policy is reflective of Seneca Libraries’ vision, mission and values, which support the overarching strategies and objectives found in Seneca’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. The supplementary guidelines, processes and procedures of this policy are consistent with Seneca Libraries’ responsibility to its stakeholders and principles of financial accountability.

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