My.Seneca Minimum Requirements Policy


To ensure students’ access to essential course materials, grades, resources and other relevant information.


This policy applies to all full-time and contract employees teaching courses, facilitating labs, and/or facilitating field/clinical placements. It includes all courses offered by Seneca.

Key Definitions


Consistent with the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


Seneca-branded version of Blackboard, a learning management system.


Students benefit from a consistent approach in the use of My.Seneca. To support this, employees will complete the following for each course section:

  • Post the approved course outline and accessible versions of the addendum and/or proposed schedule and weighted evaluation breakdown
  • Set up the Grade Centre to reflect the weighted evaluation breakdown and make grades available to students
  • Post their contact information, including preferred method of communication
  • Make the course available to students in My.Seneca
  • Use the announcement tool to post a welcome announcement and ongoing course updates
  • Review with students their My.Seneca course, its contents and the expectations for student-use.

The above should be completed by the first day of the course where applicable.

Supporting Documentation

  • None

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