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Print Services Usage Policy


To identify acceptable use of Seneca’s printing services.


This policy applies to Seneca employees and includes all Seneca Print Shop orders.

Key Definitions


The official Seneca Print Shop online store for print orders.

Purchase order (PO)

A formal order to a supplier to purchase goods or services and a commitment from that supplier to supply the goods and services that meet the specified requirements, at an agreed to rate or price.


1. Use and Ownership

1.1 The Seneca Print Shop (the Print Shop) offers a suite of print products and professional services, including prints of various sizes, bindery, and finishing and graphic design.

1.2 Print orders are only accepted through the iPrintShop.

1.3 The Print Shop shall only accept print orders for documents pertaining to Seneca’s academic and functional operations.

2. Security

2.1 Employees must enter their Seneca login credentials to gain access to the iPrintShop.

3. Currency

3.1 The Print Shop shall only accept print orders with a valid purchase order.

Supporting Documentation

  • None

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