Social Media Policy


To identify the principles and rules that govern Seneca’s use of social networking sites.


This policy governs the use of social networking sites by any employee on behalf of a Seneca faculty, school, program, course, department or service area, or as part of daily work duties at Seneca. This includes external service providers with Seneca-affiliated social media accounts, such as food services, bookstores, etc.

Key Definitions

Social networking site

Any form of online presence or publication, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, which provides a platform for individuals to engage in networking activities or publish information on the internet.

Seneca-affiliated account

Any presence on a social networking site using the Seneca name and/or logo.

Account administrator

Any Seneca employee who has been given permission to manage a Seneca-affiliated account on a social networking site.



  1. Policy Statement

    Seneca encourages the use of social media with consistency and Seneca’s reputation in mind. Across every touchpoint, internal and external, the brand’s look and voice must be constant. Social media activity affects Seneca’s brand and organizational reputation. Any social networking activities affiliated with the Seneca brand must be clear, concise and relevant to Seneca and adhere to Seneca’s brand guidelines and policy. Although the social media activity of individual employees via personal accounts is not governed by this policy, such activity may also be a reflection of the Seneca brand and affect Seneca’s interests, and is therefore subject to Seneca’s Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy —whether or not such activity relies on ITS resources. An employee’s inappropriate personal social media activity that reflects negatively on Seneca could result in investigation and, in some cases, disciplinary measures.

  2. Roles and Responsibilities

    2.1 The Marketing and Communications department shall:

    • Review and approve all Seneca-affiliated social media account creations
    • Monitor activity across all Seneca-affiliated social media accounts, advising when necessary
    • Provide regular training and ongoing individual consultations related to social media issues, including launching Seneca-affiliated social media accounts.

    2.2 Account administrators shall:

    • Adhere to Seneca’s Social Media Policy
    • Ensure that the social media account they administer adheres to Seneca’s Brand Guidelines, including proper naming conventions
    • Update and monitor the account and respond to user comments and questions within a timely manner, within 24 hours, Monday to Friday

    2.3 Supervisors shall:

    • Build responsibilities related to Seneca-affiliated social media account administration into account administrators’ job descriptions
    • Ensure that there is coverage of Seneca-affiliated social media accounts outside of regular business hours, where appropriate
    • Establish coverage for account administrators during their vacations or leaves of absence
  3. Account Creation

    3.1 Employees must obtain explicit permission from their supervisor and the Marketing and Communications department to use social media on behalf of any Seneca academic, service or administrative department. This includes the logo or other imagery.

    3.2 All approved Seneca-affiliated social media accounts will be listed in the Seneca Social Media Directory.

  4. General

    4.1 Each Seneca-affiliated social media account must have a designated account administrator and be linked to an appropriate Seneca email account.

    4.2 Account administrators shall not post, and may remove, inappropriate, offensive and/or illegal content.

    4.3 Account administrators should not share confidential information about Seneca, employees, students or alumni through social media accounts. Social media conversations about individual students should be avoided.

    4.4 Account administrators must obtain permission from an individual prior to posting their photo or comment on a social media account.

    4.5 Seneca reserves the right to delete any Seneca-affiliated social media account if it is no longer being monitored or actively used.

    4.6 Seneca may modify or delete content on any Seneca-affiliated social media account at its discretion.

    4.7 Only Seneca-wide social media accounts administered by Marketing and Communications shall post about emergency events or inclement weather unless otherwise directed by the Marketing and Communications department.

  5. Account Security

    5.1 Each Seneca-affiliated social media account must be secured by the respective account administrator, supervisor and the Marketing and Communications department.

    5.2 Login credentials for each Seneca-affiliated social media account must be shared and maintained in confidence among the respective account administrator, supervisor and the Marketing and Communications department.

    5.3 Login credentials for a Seneca-affiliated social media account may only be changed with approval from the Marketing and Communications department. Updated password information will then be shared among all parties noted above.

  6. Seneca Logo

    Account administrators must obtain approval from the Marketing and Communications department to use the Seneca logo. Once approval is obtained, Marketing and Communications shall provide account administrators with a logo for use on their social media account and assist with any design variations.

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