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Academic Plan – 2012-2017

Introduction and Context

Seneca’s Academic Plan 2012-17 builds on principles and priorities that have matured since our first Academic Plan was released eight years ago and sets out a bold vision that will distinguish Seneca, its students and its graduates.

The overarching goal of the initial plan was to “build an Academic Community dedicated to student success in which all involved are striving for academic excellence.” The principle of “flexibility without compromise” was introduced and since that time has guided administrators, faculty and staff in their day-to-day activities to support student learning. In that plan, we also said that Seneca’s academic community would be:

  • inclusive, challenging and inspirational to students,
  • responsive, consultative and innovative to industry,
  • reflective, accessible and flexible to our communities,
  • open, collaborative and creative to our partners in education and
  • dynamic, supportive and enabling to Senecans.

We continue to be guided by that foundation, as we evolve to meet the ever-increasing expectations of learners, employers, our partners, government and society.