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Great Foundations

Initiatives for 2013-14 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Support implementation of 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. New reporting method on Seneca Key Indicators established and first reports delivered to the Board of Governors by June 2013. Achieved: Seneca Key Indicators status update template created; first report delivered to the Board of Governors in Sept. 2013.
Build leadership capacity within our organization. 15 programs for leadership development strategy offered across the College by Fall 2014. Achieved: Management Foundations program developed and delivered.
Support staff specific programming for performance management to be developed by Spring 2014. Under Review: Specific programming currently under development.

Further program development to take place in FY2014-15.
Improve Emergency Management preparedness across College. Integration, training and testing of fire alarm and mass notification systems completed. Achieved: Training and testing of fire alarm and existing mass notification systems established as an on-going process for all campuses. A technical investigation of the road map to integration has begun and will continue into next fiscal year.
Fire and Security prevention specialists hired. Achieved: The addition of one full-time staff to the department has achieved this deliverable. A part-time position has been used to enhance crime prevention activities, as well as staffing specific programs, such as the access/key control project.
Emergency management plans finalized and shared with key internal stakeholders by Fall 2013. Achieved: Significant portions of the Emergency Management plan and associated processes are complete, including a program framework and a complete Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. Remaining activities are scheduled for completion in Fall 2014.
Develop and implement robust recruitment strategy and selection practices. Electronic recruitment forms in use by Winter 2014. Achieved: Streamlined processes, Applicant Tracking System implemented; online tool developed for approval to recruit.
Audit of hiring practices, policies and procedures completed by Fall 2013. Achieved: All vendor relationships and processes reviewed, online and social media sourcing strategies explored and best practices of internal and external roles and department structure reviewed.
Number of touch points and time required in recruitment process reduced. Streamlined hiring process to reduce burden on managers in the recruitment process in place by Spring 2014. Achieved: Conducted end to end process review to identify inefficiencies. Removed managerial burden to accelerate processes.
All management level selections using new evaluation tool by Spring 2014. Achieved: Testing tools, software or processes established for all roles.
Enhanced onboarding process and improved new employee experience launched by Spring 2014. Achieved: Onboarding, asset management processes developed.
Improved collection of recruitment data and metrics in place by Fall 2014. Achieved: On target for the development of a recruitment dashboard. Basic core metrics have been identifies and documented.
Improved usage of social media for recruitment activities by Spring 2013. Achieved: Extensive social media talent sourcing strategy in place utilizing LinkedIn and Twitter.
Continue to build culture of philanthropy to support Seneca students. Seneca’s student aid endowment strengthened through major gift solicitations, annual campaigns and leveraging existing partnerships, resulting in a 15% annual increase. Achieved: The second Campaign for Students raised more than $246,000 through student, employee and alumni donations; more than 35 events held by employees to raise funds for student aid; for the second straight year, the College saw 100% giving among board members; there was a 36 per cent increase in the number of annual awards at the College.
Number of internal donors increased by 15%. On Track: Internal donation figures to be assessed during Campaign for Students period from mid-February to March 2014.
Donor relations and annual giving strategy developed and approved. Achieved: Stewardship and Annual Giving Officer hired; prospect pipeline developed; business rules in development.

Faculty-based award ceremonies for donors and student recipients will be held in March and April 2014.
More effectively use digital media tools to tell Seneca's story. Dedicated resources for web and social media in place by Summer 2013. Achieved: Digital media brand campaign executed evaluated. Digital Marketing Specialist hired and monitored ongoing program specific campaigns for at-risk and targeted programs. Recruiter assigned to answer questions from prospective students via social media.
Social media guidelines completed and training for employees launched by Fall 2013. Partially Achieved: Environmental scan created and best practices reviewed. Guidelines developed.

Training to be completed in Spring 2014.
Digital content inventory established by Fall 2013. Achieved: Phase 1 of Digital Asset Management program completed by March 31, 2014. This will include digital assets, templates and brand guidelines.
Continue integration of planning across departments. Integrated planning process reviewed and improvements made for FY2014-15 cycle. Achieved: Survey conducted and process reviewed. Changes implemented and new online tool used to support process improvements.
Enhance supports for Board of Governors. New board portal launched by Fall 2013. Portal training for all Board members completed by December 2013. Achieved: Portal launched and training completed.
Improve approach to facilities management. Completed uploading of all College electronics record and drawings into Autodesk Vault by March 2014. Achieved: College’s drawings have been uploaded into Autodesk Vault. Training to be arranged for new Facilities staff on how to use and maintain Autodesk Vault by March 2014.
Existing processes and procedures to improve the delivery of facilities services to the College reviewed. Changes implemented by March 2014. Delayed: Existing processes and procedures have been reviewed. Facilities Management has submitted a FY2014-15 capital request for the implementation of PeopleSoft Maintenance Management module.

If the capital request for the implementation of PeopleSoft Maintenance Management module is approved, it will require the majority of FY2014-15 to fully implement. Targeting March 2015 completion.
Review current college services to enhance service value. Implementation of new parking system at Newnham completed. Achieved: New system working at all campuses in Sept 2013. Developed and implemented an online portal to provide students and employees 24/7 access to purchase parking and meal plans. Enhancements to service monitoring and reporting continues.
Review of tracking system completed. Achieved: Created weekly statistical spreadsheets to monitor revenue and service levels in parking and food service.
Create more Active Learning Classrooms. Active Learning Classrooms at each campus ready for use by June 2013. Achieved: Active Learning Classrooms have been deployed at four major campuses (King – 1, Markham – 1, Seneca@York – 3, and Newnham – 3). Also one active learning classroom has been deployed at Peterborough campus as well.