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Initiatives for 2013-14 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Review Seneca’s endowment and investment policies and practices to ensure sustainability and predictability of student support. Updated investment and disbursement policies approved and implemented by March 2014. Delayed: Focus in FY2013-14 was on developing systematic approach to financial reporting to donors; report template developed, with reporting approach to be incorporated into i3 deliverables.

Investment portfolio to be reviewed in FY2014-15.
Improve applicant experience and increase pathway opportunities. Front-end student processes mapped and streamlined by Spring 2014. Achieved: The Student Experience task group studied other colleges and mapped the high level stages of the front-end student processes. Opportunities identified for further study, automation, streamlining and process integration.
Fully electronic application process, including credit card application/tuition payments, implemented for all international applicants by December 2013. Delayed: Review and testing are ongoing.

New launch date set for Spring 2014.
Support newly established Student Conduct Office. Procedures to support new Student Conduct Policy at Seneca developed and implemented by Fall 2013. Achieved: Conduct staff trained on new procedures and policy. Cases now closed in less than 9 days on average in comparison to prior average of 22 days.
Employee training commenced in Summer 2013. Achieved: All Conduct staff completed Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) training with only 2 needing to achieve advanced ADR training. In conjunction with the Centre for Academic Excellence, conduct staff are training new faculty on the Student Conduct Policy and dealing with disruptive students.
New case management and tracking system in place by Fall 2013. Achieved: Implemented January 1, 2014. All staff members trained and are now using new integrated system as the primary case management system. First report will be released on May 1, 2014.
Develop mental health initiatives that support students and the health and wellness of the Seneca community. Mental health first aid training delivered college wide to community members by Spring 2014. Achieved: Seven staff participated in the five day training. More than 40 additional employees trained, with additional training scheduled for April, May and June. Total of 200 staff trained by end of Spring 2014. Ongoing training until 2015 as part of grant funded program.
Programs and resources developed in collaboration with Student Advisory Committee to support student health and wellness across all major campuses throughout 2013-14. Achieved: Mental health awareness campaign run in October 2013. Key stakeholders currently working on a mental health strategy for the college. Workshops are being developed to address key areas impacting mental health.
Build new Student Centre in alignment with Newnham Campus Master Plan. Building and financial models for student-funded Student Centre at Newnham Campus created by Winter 2014. Under Review: Building concepts created for Athletics portion of Centre but still in discussion/evaluation stage. Evaluating direction for Student Centre along with Student Services and the Seneca Student Federation.

Building and financial models to be created by Fall 2014.
Partner with Seneca Student Federation to enhance the overall student experience. Wireless capability on Seneca shuttle buses introduced by Fall 2013. Achieved: Wireless installed on all shuttle buses.
Collaborate and launch third annual Campaign for Students in Winter 2014. Achieved: 2014 campaign launched in February. Seneca Student Federation President co-chaired the Campaign.
Enhance technology across Seneca campuses. Virtual desktop and virtual application pilot project completed in collaboration with Seneca Student Federation and Centre for Academic Excellence by January 2014. On Track: License procured and the solution is in the process of being deployed.
Wireless mobility across campuses further improved by allowing students and staff to register personal devices. Completed by June 2013. Achieved: Completed in June 2013.
Pilot of academic servers housed in Seneca private cloud launched by January 2014. Achieved: Completed in January 2014.
Increase functionality of One Card system for students and employees. Online parking option linked to One Card system launched by Spring 2013. Achieved: OneCard solution integrated into the parking structure.
'Cashless option' for bookstore completed for Fall 2013 semester. Achieved: OneCard payment options implemented in September 2013 at all college bookstore locations.
One Card system synced with all food services completed by end of Fall 2013. Achieved: OneCard Solution integrated with Aramark for full services.
Grow mentoring opportunities for students and alumni. NetworkRED membership grown by 25%. Number of reported relationships established through NetworkRED increased. Achieved: The NetworkRED mentorship program expanded to over 950 members, a 73% increase from 2012/13. 40 mentor/mentee relationships established. This year, over 3,000 students and alumni participated in 64 reunion and mentorship events.
Extend international SMILE pilot to at least one additional program. Achieved: The International SMILE Project extended to include Chinese students admitted to the English Language Institute. Six protégés and six mentors in the program in addition to continuing delivery to information and communications technology students from India.
Increase SMILE participation in ECE program and throughout King Campus programs. Achieved: SMILE expanded to King Campus and had 72 protégés and 32 mentors. All Early Childhood Education students are now able to participate in the program.
Implement systematic approach to promoting Seneca’s successes. New approach to communications planning implemented by Fall 2013. Achieved: Semester rollout developed; cross-functional review of events. Weekly social media plans created.
College's Social Media Strategy developed by Spring 2013. Achieved: Digital Marketing Specialist and Webmaster hired. Digital marketing strategy (including social media marketing strategy and web strategy) developed.
Media and presentation training for administrative and academic leads completed by Fall 2013. Delayed: To be completed in Spring/Summer 2014.
Promote our faculty, alumni and partners’ contributions. Formal Alumni Council launch event held in Fall 2013. Achieved: The Alumni Council launched with 22 members in October, representing different programs and industry sectors. Six alumni were nominated for Premier’s Awards and over 20 donors and alumni were recognized at the third annual Senecans of Distinction event.

In addition, six alumni expert videos on different topics were produced and promoted on website and social media.
RED and Gratitude content shared across multiple media platforms. Achieved: New editions of Gratitude and RED produced, including 20 stories dedicated to donor recognition and 15 alumni profiles distributed across multiple platforms.
Benchmark established for Seneca expert coverage by Spring 2014. Achieved: Benchmark established and experts lists updated.