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Great Teaching and Learning

Initiatives for 2013-14 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Continue implementation of 2012-2017 Academic Plan. Academic Plan task groups' research phases and broader consultations completed by December 31, 2013. Achieved: All Academic Plan task groups completed their research by December 31, 2013 through student focus groups, surveys, town hall meetings and reviews of secondary data sources.
Presentation of action plans to Board of Governors by 4 task groups done by Spring 2014. Achieved: Six task groups presented key findings and action plans to the Academic Planning and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Governors (BOG). A roll-up Academic Plan update will be provided to the BOG in Spring 2014.
Approval of at least 2 pilots in at least 2 different Faculties confirmed by each task group. Achieved: Collectively, the Academic Plan task groups approved 11 pilot projects in 2013-14 engaging all Faculties.
Implement new streamlined formative program review process New formative review template and support materials launched in Fall 2013. Achieved: New template created and support materials are in use.
At least 60 programs participating in the new formative program review process with reports completed by January 2014. Report-back to PQAPA delivered by July 2013. Achieved: 60 formative reviews completed and PQAPA Report-back delivered.
Develop new programs and renew degree consents. 25 new program proposals developed and submitted for Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities or PEQAB approval by March 31, 2014. Delayed: 25 new program proposals developed and 11 programs submitted for approval. Remaining program proposals require review by the BOG in Spring 2014.

Submission to MTCU was delayed due to temporary suspension of program approvals and SMA review with revised timelines determined in FY2014-15.
New program development process implemented and faculty involvement in program development increased. Achieved: Development process successfully implemented and faculty, Chair and Dean involvement in program development increased.
Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) review of Bachelor of Aviation Technology and Bachelor of Software Development degrees successfully completed. Delayed: PEQAB Site Visit for Bachelor of Aviation Technology deferred until May 1-2, 2014 due to program re-location to Peterborough. Software Development degree program site visit held and favourable Quality Assessment Report received. College response to report filed.
Enhance learning services and academic supports. Program-specific tutoring support increased by 5% over 2012/2013 levels. Achieved: Tutoring supports for students in the Learning Centre increased by over 80% year-to-date when compared to 2012-13 levels.
Student experience with academic support services explored through partnership between Seneca Libraries and Seneca Student Federation. Process improvements and new access points for engaging with student representatives identified. Achieved: The Director of Libraries and Learning Services and the Dean of Students developed partnership framework for engaging with student representatives. This includes regular attendance by the director at Seneca Student Federation meetings.
Strengthen Seneca’s position as a leader in teaching and learning excellence. First-ever virtual Advancing Learning Conference “at Seneca” hosted in June 2013 as part of a province wide collaboration. Achieved: The Advanced Learning conference conducted online on June 5, 2013.
Review of Ontario colleges' teaching and learning centres to identify best practices for Seneca's programming completed by January 2014. Achieved: Research on 10 centres completed. This will be augmented by the recent survey conducted by the College Committee on Human Resources Development (CCHRD) group.
Plan to attain College Reading and Language Association Certification in place by Spring 2014. Achieved: The Learning Centre’s Tutor Training program received CRLA Certification in Summer 2013 enabling all Seneca Learning Centres to certify Level 1 tutors.
Seneca's standards of practice for faculty developed and approved by January 2014. Delayed: Draft standards of practice developed. Work is ongoing for the consultation and communication plan.

Standards of practice will be approved by October 2014.
Final College Choice Project report submitted to Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. Achieved: Report submitted on June 3, 2013.
Actively facilitate, pursue, and source applied research initiatives for the mutual benefit of our curriculum, students, partners, and community. 50 faculty involved in applied research activities. Achieved: 72 faculty worked on externally funded projects, events, conferences, and Research Ethics Board has been involved in applied research activities.
200 students involved in applied research activities. Achieved: 334 students worked on externally funded projects, events and conferences. Note: This figure does not include all of the students that have in- course research experiences that did not require REB approval.
15 new industry partners engaged in applied research projects. Achieved: 21 new industry partners engaged in applied research projects.
Increase federal and provincial support for applied research in identified areas of expertise. 6 new major grant applications submitted, including: 1 NSERC IE full grant application, 1 NSERC ARD grant application and 1 OCE Student Connections master application. Achieved: Seven new major grant applications submitted. Six smaller grant applications were also submitted.
Grant application submissions total in excess of $2 million. Achieved: $6,344,336 total (not including in-kind funding) in grant applications submitted.
Launch new International Education Strategy. International admissions processes mapped with opportunities for changes identified by Winter 2014. Achieved: Processes mapped for the new i3 system completed in Fall 2013. Modifications to existing processes resulted in the enrolment of 1060 first year international student in Winter 2014, a 12.8 % increase over 2013.
Action plan for the improvement of services to international students developed and implemented. Achieved: Comprehensive pre-arrival, online checklist as well as online orientation resources created for international students. Guidelines for homestay program being updated for compliance with standards required by Languages Canada.
Number of partners for Seneca's study/volunteer abroad program increased. Achieved: Study abroad partnership agreements signed with institutions in England, France and Scotland. Partnership agreements are in various stages of development with a total of 7 institutions in China, Germany, Denmark and India.
Implementation of new international recruitment strategy initiated. Achieved: Current international recruitment strategy assessed and changes required identified.
Expand Confucius Institute's program offerings. Dedicated manager hired and business plan refined by Fall 2013. Achieved: Refinement of business plan and Manager in place as of March 2014.