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6. i3 – Information, Integration and Innovation

In five years, we will have an integrated enterprise system in place to support streamlined business processes and improved services across student, financial and human resources systems.

Initiatives for 2013-14 Performance indicators/ measurable outcomes End-of-Year Status Update
Ensure project meets budgetary and scheduling requirements. Full project team in place and project launched by June 2013. Technical development environment available by June 2013. Achieved: Project launch on time, with team in place. Technical development environment on target.
Goal of at least one new application for use by Summer 2014. Achieved: First ‘Go Live’ scheduled for April 7, 2014. First systems to be launched are Finance & Human Resources (with training to occur in March).
Communication plan developed by June 2013. Achieved: Communications Plan in place and on target; updated plan for January to April 2014 created.
i3 backfill plan successfully developed with internal stakeholders by Spring 2013. Proactive and co-operative workflow achieved with internal stakeholders by June 2013. Achieved: Resource Plan for i3 implemented and resources seconded from College to the project (with some adjustments); home positions backfilled by home department.