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Our Strategic Objectives

Seneca’s three strategic objectives are:

Great Teaching and Learning.
Building on our record of academic excellence and the innovations in teaching and learning underway across Seneca, we will expand cross-disciplinary learning in all programs, strengthen networks among students, faculty, staff and external partners, expand the core literacies that all students must master, reflect a diverse and international perspective in our programs, give all our students experiential learning opportunities and offer flexible delivery options in every program. We are building a bold, exciting and contemporary approach to teaching and learning.

Great Student Experiences.
Creating great student experiences means providing enriching learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. It means delivering great services and supports our students need, when and how they need them.  Creating great Seneca experiences also means celebrating the achievements of our students, alumni, faculty and staff – and creating an environment that makes our students proud to have chosen Seneca and our employees proud to work here.

Great Foundations.
A different kind of school with a different kind of graduate is supported by great faculty and staff, processes and physical infrastructure. It means our employees work in a progressive, respectful environment infused by an inspiring culture. It means our processes are robust enough to meet our current needs and support what we imagine we can do tomorrow. It means creating opportunities to innovate and improve within the College and around the world by working in partnership. And it means ensuring that everything we do is about quality – for our students, for our employees and for our many stakeholders.