Aiming for the Horizon

Our last Strategic Plan was founded on great teaching and learning, great student experiences and great foundations. Building on the accomplishments of the intensely productive and successful 2012-17 period, we enter our second half-century with a new ‘great’ underpinning our work: bringing great to the world. It is a simple statement that recognizes a fundamental truth: our ambitions have no boundaries, and when our students aim for the horizon, great things happen.

We are excited by a future where Seneca is:

  • The acknowledged leader in sophisticated career-based and professional polytechnic education, whose graduates are sought by employers
  • An international institution embracing and reflecting globalism, citizenship and pluralism
  • Building a stronger future for postsecondary students by being the preferred partner for colleges, universities and industry
  • Known for innovation to meet the dynamic needs of students, employers and the economy
  • Focused on renewing and strengthening our talent and infrastructure.

While the core of our work will always be offering a great teaching and learning experience rooted in an advanced applied, broad-based education, we continue to evolve in exciting ways to serve new markets, a changing world of work and an expanding definition of student. That is how we are defining tomorrow.

Measuring Success

An institution of the complexity and size of Seneca could have literally hundreds of metrics or measures that would be indications of progress or achievement of our goals, big and small. As gauges of our success in meeting our goals, the Board of Governors has selected these five key areas to track:

1. Academic Quality:
Ensuring that Seneca’s strong reputation for high-quality academic programs continues
2. Student Satisfaction:
Meeting student needs both inside and outside the classroom
3. Employee Engagement:
Continuing to build a dedicated and committed workforce
4. Enrolment Health:
Smart growth in enrolment during a time of demographic challenge
5. Financial Sustainability:
Operating results that provide the necessary resources to continue to offer great teaching and learning