2015- 2016 Graduation Rate


For the 2015-2016 reporting year, graduation rate calculation is based on information collected as of 2014-2015 measurement year.

Individual student tracking methodology is used to capture student entry date, transfers in and out of a program, and the program of study the student graduates from within the program completion time frame. The calculation for each program is:

(program graduates * 100) / (program entrants + transferin students - transferout students)

The program completion time frame refers to the maximum total calendar time allowed for completing a program, in order to be counted as a graduate in the graduation rate calculation. The completion time frame equals approximately 200% of the normal program duration. A student who graduates after the allowed completion time frame, is not counted as a graduate.

It excludes:

  • students who find employment in their area of study before completing final credits and often return as part-time students, extending the period of study required before they are eligible to graduate;
  • students who undertake additional studies toward graduation (i.e. the large new immigrant population in the Seneca College northern GTA catchment area who achieve Seneca exit standards by participating in extra remedial English classes);
  • students who interrupt their studies as a result of family responsibilities; for temporary employment to earn tuition funds; or other personal reasons, many returning at a later date to full or part-time study;
  • students who transfer to another college or university.