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Sustainable Seneca

Conservation & Restoration

Feature Story

Tree planting on campuses

Seneca planted 13 new trees in the Shipping and Receiving area for the beautification of Newnham Campus. At King Campus, Seneca worked with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to renaturalize an area of about 11,600 square metres with potted conifers and seedlings.


Other highlights

Trail, forestry and soil management programs: Plans for trail, forestry and soil management programs are being developed at King Campus to help maintain its farm fields and natural environment.

Seneca Sting Honey: The Seneca Sting Honey, sold exclusively in the cafeteria at Seneca’s major campuses, is harvested each year from apiaries at Newnham, King and Peterborough campuses. A portion of the honey proceeds go to support Seneca’s Campaign for Students.

Community garden: Now in its seventh season, Seneca's community garden project has a new location near Building G at Newnham Campus. Four plots are being constructed with support from staff in the Facilities area. A robust fall crop of perennials and vegetables is anticipated.