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Sustainable Seneca

Green Leadership

Seneca is proud of its employees, faculty, students and alumni who are doing awe-inspiring work in the environmental and sustainability area. Below are some of the highlights:

Seneca students build waterfall with plastic bottles

Students from Seneca's Sustainable Business Management graduate certificate program created a “waterfall” using hundreds of used plastic drinking bottles. Read the full story

Nothing fishy about this sustainable harvest

Seneca Urban Farm serves up fillets, freshness, showcasing a close-loop food production system at Newnham Campus. Read the full story

SMB grads win Startup Canada Social Enterprise of the Year Award

Brandon Hebor and Steven Bourne of Ripple Farms take home the hardware presented by the Centre For Social Innovation. Read the press release

Fun, flavour and freshness at Farmers Market

Locally grown food comes to Newnham Campus. Read the full story

Backyard beehives abuzz at Newnham

A hive of activity is happening at Seneca after about 40,000 honey bees recently moved in. Read the full story

Sustainability Fair kicks off at Newnham Campus

The first-ever Sustainability Fair showcased a number of initiatives happening at Seneca. Read the full story

Student ambassadors help divert waste at Seneca

As part of Seneca's internal waste-reduction initiative, a group of student ambassadors has been hired to help change behaviours and develop a culture of environmental responsibility. Read the full story

Crops harvested for Newnham cafeteria

Farm to table is a fairly short distance at Newnham Campus these days. The first harvest from Seneca’s Ripple Farms urban farming unit, located outside Building D, was featured in the cafeteria recently for staff and students to enjoy fresh produce that was grown on campus. Read the full story

Reducing waste one cup at a time

Sustainable Business Management students create a holiday tree from used coffee cups at Newnham cafeteria to raise awareness of the litter we generate. Check out our recycling guide.

Seneca Sting Honey debuts to benefit students

King Campus is buzzing thanks to Don Forster, Senior Manager, Custodial and Support Services. Don, a registered beekeeper, has brought bees to King Campus and is putting their honey to work. Read the full story

Grads bet the farm on fish poop

Seneca grads Steven Bourne (left) and Brandon Hebor proudly show off their first aquaponics crops at Ripple Farms, their food-growing project based on fish feces. Read the full story

Seneca leads national dry-cleaning project

Seneca receives more than $131,000 from Environment and Climate Change Canada to help dry-cleaning operators across the country understand their role in preventing pollution. Read the government press release

"Turtle doctor" brings wildlife to students

Headed by Dr. Sue Carstairs, a Seneca Veterinary Technician professor, the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre and WWF-Canada released 15 at-risk snapping turtle hatchlings to their wetland habitat at King Campus. Read the full story

Seneca students help promote Lake Simcoe

Interactive Media Design Students worked with the Lake Simcoe Splash Festival to promote water awareness and conservation in and around the Lake. Read the full story