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Other Academic Areas

In addition to environmental and sustainability programs offered at Seneca, we are proud to feature green initiatives from other academic areas:

The School of Fashion

Through a series of textile waste events, the School of Fashion at Seneca is working to educe the mounds of unwanted clothing that currently end up in municipal landfills. Activities have included an exhibition by students (with guests from Seneca Facilities, City of Markham, Textile Waste Diversion and Seneca Career Services), a clothes donation bin launch, a presentation on fashion and sustainability by Kate Black (author of Magnifeco and founder of EcoSessions®), a vintage fashion sale in The Boutique, a styling event using second-hand garments, a clothing swap event and a film screnning of The True Cost, a documentary about the impact of fashion on people and the planet.

In addition, a student research team from the Fashion Business program is working with Textile Waste Diversion Inc. to investigate the influence of a social marketing campaign on attitudes and behaviours with respect to textile waste diversion. Funded by Seneca's Applied Research Fund and led by Prof. Sabine Weber, the Textile Diversion Initiative is changing consumer behaviour to fashion consumption and disposal through education. Past studies have considered the impact of fashion on consumer textile disposal behaviour, but have focused mainly on drivers of clothing waste. In this project, the research team is modelling consumer attitudes and behaviours regarding fashion interest, shopping frequency and disposal methods. This will support social and environmental responsibility by increasing awareness of the impacts of, and alternatives to, textile disposal in landfills.


Forest School @ KOLTS

The Forest School at Seneca's King Campus child-care lab school — KOLTS (King Observation Lab Teaching School) — is reconnecting children (or supporting existing connections) with the forest and natural environment from a very young age. As part of a newer movement in the education field for children in Canada, the Forest School @ KOLTS provides opportunities to explore many facets of the forest while developing physical literacy skills, including co-ordination, manoeuvring on the forest terrain, balancing on logs and climbing trees. The school's location on the Oak Ridges Moraine allows educators and children to investigate forest creatures (both real and imagined), revel in the beauty, sounds and smells of their surroundings, and observe the changes that happen through the seasons. Seneca founded KOLTS in 1974 to provide an on-site model child-care laboratory facility for students enrolled in the School of Early Childhood Education at the King Campus.