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Sustainable Seneca

Sustainable Seneca Committee

The Sustainable Seneca Committee is a cross-college stakeholder group whose role is to help promote and embed sustainability in the Seneca culture, in the way we conduct our business, and the values and learnings we impart on our students.

Members of the Sustainable Seneca Committee will support, promote and advance sustainability initiatives by:

  • Encouraging, celebrating and advocating for excellence in environmental sustainability within their respective area and across Seneca
  • Acting as a repository of best practices and increasing awareness of Seneca initiatives by producing, among other communications tools, an annual report card highlighting success stories in the following areas:
    • Conservation and restoration
    • Energy and climate change
    • Green building
    • Transportation
    • Waste management
    • Water
  • Collecting requests for sustainability initiatives from various parts of Seneca, prioritizing and recommending for implementation based on their significance and viability, identifying leads, and advocating for resources
  • Identifying appropriate external partners for funding and collaboration
  • Encouraging weaving the sustainability agenda into academic curricula across programs
  • Helping to set standards of sustainability performance in key areas
  • Creating opportunities to influence student perspective and literacy on sustainability and to celebrate student engagement in this area
  • Monitoring best practices in the broader postsecondary community


Sustainable Seneca Committee Membership


Bill Humber, Director, Eco-Seneca Office
Mary Vaughan, Dean, Seneca Business


Natasha Binns, Manager, Events & Special Projects
Colin Cheung, Director, Facilities Management
Adam Chisholm, Manager, Campus Services
Siavosh Dana, Seneca alumnus, former president of Enactus Seneca
Christine Doody-Hamilton, Professor, School of Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology
Jon Dilworth, Project Manager, Energy Services
Peter Forint, Professor, School of International Business Management
Don Forster, Senior Manager, Custodial and Support Services, Facilities Management
Nevzat Gurman, Vice-President, Finance and Administration
Andrew Hoang, Staff, Office of Eco-Seneca initiatives
Mahipal Jadeja, Professor, School of Environmental & Civil Engineering Technology
Nadia Osman, Marketing & Communications Strategist
Atish Pereira, Seneca student, Graduate Certificate in Energy Management — Built Environments
Andrew Wickham, Professor, Office of Eco-Seneca initiatives