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Feature Story

Campus shuttle

The campus shuttle bus picks up and drops off students and employees at the King, Markham, Newnham and Seneca@York campuses. The initiative is funded by Seneca and the Seneca Student Federation to provide free, safe, reliable and efficient transportation services, as well as to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicle trips between campuses and greenhouse gas emissions.


Other highlights

Fleet management: A fleet management audit and policy was created to increase vehicle use, reduce fleet maintenance expense, remove the overall operating efficiency and reduce emissions.

Smart Commute: Seneca has partnered with Metrolinx’s Smart Commute to offer students, staff, faculty and others to share rides to our four main campuses.

Zipcar: Seneca has partnered with Zipcar to offer discounted rates to students, alumni, faculty and staff for access to more than 800 cars across the city and on or near campus.