Sustainable Seneca

Waste Reduction

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 6. Clean Water and Sanitation
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 14. Life Below Water

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, includes items such as computers, phone systems, cabling and other office electronics that are ready for disposal.

Seneca collaborates with a recycling electronics company in Ontario to divert this waste from landfill safely and securely and upcycle the materials into valuable products. E-waste bins are located across the four main campuses to collect items for recycling.

King Campus

  • Library, Magna Hall
  • Room MH1500, SSF Office
  • Pod C, in the link between Portable KP7 and Garriock Hall
  • near GH2100, Student Services Office

Markham Campus

  • Cafeteria, garden level
  • Library
  • Computer Commons
  • third floor
  • sixth floor

Newnham Campus

  • near A4088
  • near B2078, Computer Commons
  • near Sandbox Studios, second floor of Building B
  • near B1015, OneCard Office

Seneca@York Campus

  • Library
  • entrance to the SSF/Gym


  • PCs (all types)
  • mainframes
  • workstations
  • servers
  • laptops/mobile computing equipment

Networking equipment

  • hubs
  • switches
  • racks
  • UPS/APC power conversion
  • cables
  • printers
  • surge protectors
  • monitors
  • monitors LCD/TFT
  • micro electronics – circuit cards
  • RAM/memory cards
  • disk drives
  • scanners
  • fax machines
  • printers (all types)

Miscellaneous electronics and business equipment

  • typewriters
  • cellphones
  • copiers (toner cartridges removed)
  • multifunction units
  • scientific equipment (selected)
  • electronic cash registers
  • telecommunications equipment
  • telephone systems
  • PDAs, palms and pocket PCs
  • satellite systems
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • cassette players
  • electronic games and video game consoles
  • MP3 Players and CD players
  • CDs and cassettes
  • automobile computer modules
  • radios (selected)
  • security systems (selected)
  • military hardware (navigation, aerospace)
  • laboratory electronics
  • photographic sound and visual equipment (no wood)
  • sound recording equipment (no wood)
  • cameras
  • digital projectors
  • emergency alert radios
E-waste bin

For Seneca employees who wish to discard of e-waste, please place them in the designated area within Shipping & Receiving at each campus. For special e-waste pickup of large or numerous items, contact Shipping & Receiving at your campus.

Note: batteries are not accepted in the e-waste bins.