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Sustainable Seneca

Waste Reduction

Seneca aims to be a postsecondary leader in waste reduction. Read about our initiatives below and learn more about our approach to waste management.



Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, includes items such as computers, phone systems, cabling and other office electronics that are ready for disposal.

Seneca collaborates with a recycling electronics company in Ontario to divert this waste from landfill safely and securely and upcycle the materials into valuable products. E-waste bins are located across the four main campuses to collect items for recycling.

E-waste bin

For Seneca employees who wish to discard of e-waste, please place them in the designated area within Shipping & Receiving at each campus. For special e-waste pickup of large or numerous items, contact Shipping & Receiving at your campus.

Note: batteries are not accepted in the e-waste bins.