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Sustainable Seneca

Waste Reduction

Seneca aims to be a postsecondary leader in waste reduction. Read about our initiatives below and learn more about our approach to waste management.


waste reduction


waste reduction compost

Instead of contributing to climate change with the methane gas that food waste creates, Seneca is composting it. The Rocket® is a machine at Newnham and King campuses that composts the organic waste collected from the kitchen and food-service areas at Seneca. This waste is combined with woodchips in the Rocket’s enclosed system where access to pests is prevented. The machine’s high heat process destroys pathogens and transforms the waste into nutrient-rich compost in 14 days. Together, the two rockets can process about 1,400 kilograms of organic material per week that’s later used on campus for landscaping.

Impact of Composting