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Sustainable Seneca


Featured Story

Wetland protection at King Campus

As part of the preparatory work for the revitalization of King Campus to build the newly opened 200,000-sq. ft. Magna Hall, a large concrete vault was created in an area that is now covered with a parking lot. The vault temporarily trapped runoff and allowed it to drain slowly, protecting the surrounding wetlands from erosion. Much like any large-scale project of its kind, the King Campus expansion saw changes to traffic flows, parking, services and, especially noticeable, an improved system for handling stormwater. One of the pillars of the Campaign for King was to preserve the natural heritage of this environmentally sensitive area. The expansion improved how Seneca handles the runoff of rainwater and melting snow from parking lots.


Other highlights

Markham irrigation: Seneca irrigated Markham Campus with pond water to reduce water costs.

Water audits: Water audits were performed to identify conservation measures at Newnham, Markham and Seneca@York campuses.

Brita water fountains: Seneca installed Brita water fountains to discourage consumption of bottled water.