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Seneca Alumni

Get Involved

The relationship between you and Seneca did not end with your graduation. We valued you as a student, and we value you now as a member of our alumni community.

As a graduate, Seneca is a concealed badge that you wear, and our legacy lives through you and your success. We encourage you to get involved, tell your story, and become an integral part of our journey towards defining the future of our current students and future alumni.

It starts by simply keeping in touch. You can also be a mentor, guest speaker or a donor.

Maintain Alumni Profile 

The most important step you can take toward engaging with us is by creating an alumni profile and frequently updating it when needed. Having an up-to-date profile makes it easy for us to stay in touch with you.  

Share Your Story

In the process of building a future, everyone creates their own story, and we are enthusiastic to know yours. Let us know the exciting things you have been doing since your graduation from Seneca.


Volunteer With Us

Sharing the wealth of your knowledge and helping students find their answers is the most rewarding feeling you can have as Seneca alumni. You can volunteer as a mentor or a guest speaker, and provide employment opportunities. 

Pay it Forward Challenge

An opportunity for you to celebrate your Seneca experiences and make a difference in the lives of our students — allowing them to focus on their learning and building a better future. 

Attend Alumni Events 

We host and organize many fun and vibrant receptions, networking events, and meet-and-greets throughout the year. These events are the perfect opportunity for our brilliant students to meet our talented alumni.