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Experience the #SenecaProud


At Seneca, there is a so much to be proud of – our people, our passion and our futures. The above video will share the #SenecaProud experience with you.

We are proud to pair the words of Seneca’s Founding President Dr. William T. Newnham, with the creative works of our talented students and graduates. Dr. Newnham’s message is still relevant today as we share with the world why we are #SenecaProud.

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"It is to you that the time will come. You with your compass and protractor to build bridges to the stars. You the fixer, the technician, the helper. You with your pen mightier than the sword. You who at the precipice of change will round the corner and be ready for the finale. It is to you that an education will not be given like a gift or simply purchased like an article. For it will be too great and valuable, too ungraspable to know without hard work and relentless commitment to make a contribution. And you know this. The years will pass quickly and you will set your sights no lower than the horizon. And when the time comes, you will know that everything you do and everything you stand for today and tomorrow matters."

– Dr. William T. Newnham, Seneca’s Founding President