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If you are looking for a cost and time efficient way to improve your skills, the Supply Chain Management Essentials Courses will train you with the foundations courses to some of our certificate programs.

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Due to COVID-19, all Part-time Studies courses are being offered online until further notice, in one of the following two formats: online virtual classroom and online self-directed. Click Availability below to see current offerings.


Global Logistics

Students will develop an understanding of managing logistics across international boundaries; analyze operations and logistics problems on a global scale; implement changes to business processes and corporate strategies to advance the company's global and logistics framework.

Please note: Fall is the last term that the course will be offered. Students that require this course for the Supply Chain Management program can also register for IBS984 ? Global Value Chain.

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Students are introduced to the basics of the procurement function including the purchasing cycle and the way purchasing activity is integrated into the firm's organization. Various purchasing tools and techniques are described and practiced. The important topics of cost-price analysis and negotiation are studied.

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Risk Mitigation for Supply Chain Management

This course examines the use of risk mitigation tools and strategies to inform supply chain management decisions. Students will explore the art and science of identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating risk in order to create risk mitigation plans for various risk factors associated with an organization's supply chain. Students will learn how to lower the probability of occurrence of risk factors and the degree of impact of each high priority risk.

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Emiliano Introcaso, MBA, CITP, PLOG, CCI
Part-Time Academic Program Manager
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