Esports Marketing Management

Ontario College Graduate Certificate


This graduate certificate program prepares you for an exciting marketing management career within the rapidly growing industry of esports and competitive gaming. Revenue in this sector is currently valued at more than $1 billion globally with a high demand for marketing professionals who specialize in sponsorship and branding. Your learning in this program will focus on that specific need with a curriculum that centers on developing business strategies and marketing plans for branding, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Throughout this program you will develop the following skills:

  • advertising
  • branding
  • business strategy
  • market research
  • marketing plans
  • sponsorship

Career Opportunities

When you graduate from this program, these are the types of career options that you can explore:

  • marketing coordinator
  • marketing manager
  • talent and brand coordinator
  • talent and brand manager
  • event planning
  • developer
  • producer
  • consultant
  • video editor

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into Esports Marketing Management courses, eligible students are invited to apply by submitting copies online of documents demonstrating one (or both) of the entry requirements outlined below:

  • Ontario university or college degree or college diploma


  • equivalent combination of partial postsecondary and/or three to five years of related work experience


Transcripts from an accredited Canada institution or the original WES transcript assessment are the only valid credentials accepted for this program.

To validate mature student work experience, a resume and employment references are required.

If you have any questions prior to applying to this program, please contact the program area via the Program Contacts link.


To apply, please see admission requirements and complete and submit the form below.

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Semester 1

Digital Marketing and Social Media for Esports

Students examine the crucial role that digital marketing and social networks have on the way esports event organizers engage and grow their target audiences. Students will learn how to maximize digital and social channels to promote esports events and attract fans in new and interactive ways. Students will explore how different facets of digital strategy intricately work together as they examine social network marketing, content marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Advertising through real-world analysis and practical implementation.

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Esports Experience

Students will focus on exploring the rise of esports and its place in a new age of participation, from the vantage points of developers, athletes, participants, sponsors and media. Students will explore the growth of this fast growing vertical, examining franchise, sponsorship and participant relationships in the esports communities, and providing insight into how their different roles affect each other. Students will develop their skills in order to speak knowledgeably about the history, community, and business of esports with future employers and other stakeholders in the industry.

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Business of Esports

Students discuss the business of esports and examine a business overview of the multi-faceted esports industry, its evolution, current state and emerging trends. Students will examine the ecosystem of esports and provide students with insider knowledge of the unique operational challenges of the industry. Students will develop insights on the ways companies create and develop properties for maximum revenue, the marketing of esports games for a mass audience, how brands and sponsors are attached to esports events, the management of IP rights, and the various challenges that managers face depending on their role and function within the industry.

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Marketing Communications in Esports

Clear, concise and targeted communication is crucial in any industry, but essential in esports where athletes, teams, franchises, sponsors, brands, decision makers and the media are often at different levels of knowledge and sophistication in this quickly developing industry. Students will practice hands-on skills as they develop an actionable integrated marketing communication plan to drive growth and improvement in esports. Students will gain a firm understanding of how to create concise communications materials, including public relations strategy and tactics, and the skillset required to develop marketing communication strategies and compelling presentation tactics for a range of esports scenarios aimed at targets from fans to corporate decision makers within the industry.

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Sponsorship Strategies for Esport Entities

The esports industry thrives on its ability to attract high-level sponsors for its events. Students will learn how to develop strategic Esports Sponsorship Marketing plans designed to attract key sponsors for teams, leagues, events and productions. Students will acquire the knowledge required to identify prospective sponsors, retain brands, create and pitch custom sponsorship packages, negotiate compelling sponsorship agreements and develop reports that measure and evaluate the overall value of such sponsorships.

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Esports Media Landscape

Traditional businesses in media and entertainment are realizing that esports offers a way to reach a demographic that's been increasingly beyond their grasp, raising the stakes for both digital and traditional media companies looking to get involved either in front of or behind the screens. Students will develop a firm understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the interactive and immersive media experience side of esports - where viewers can be fans, athletes and broadcasters, and esports media platforms which can also be storefronts that might offer co-branded content, digital accessories, and access to secondary experiences and stories. Students will also focus on how current media and sports companies are expanding from traditional media plays to diversify and embrace the growing esports industry.

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Semester 2

Athlete and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become a tenet of esports marketing. Esports has shown how participants are less influenced by traditional media marketing and advertising methodologies and more swayed by online influencers. Influencers have risen as persuasive and credible voices that impact consumer opinion and drive purchases for brands around the world. Students will analyze the impact of influencer marketing, delve into how it emerged as a powerful marketing tool and utilize best-of-class campaign examples to learn how esports entities have successfully developed influencer campaigns. Students will learn how to find and vet esports influencers, maintain brand safety and understand how to create content that aligns with the influencers' authentic voice and the brand's values.

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Esports Event Production and Distribution

Creating esports events and surrounding digital media content is an important facet of the esports industry. Students will learn how to develop new media projects and understand the basic tenements of how to structure an esports events and utilize digital media strategies to attract audiences for maximum media exposure and revenue generation. Students will learn the fundamentals of the crucial role digital media plays in project management and event production.

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Entrepreneurship for Esports

As an emerging powerhouse industry with a globally connected community, esports entities can still lack business infrastructure. Revenue-generating opportunities for the industry are boundless - spanning events, experiences, content, sponsorships, licensing, media rights, merchandise and more. Leaders in this field must have the ability to pivot quickly to take advantage and be a part of charting esports' future. The focus will be on theory combined with practical exercises about various entrepreneurial and business issues and procedures that will help prepare students to develop decision making skills an industry which values quick and strategic thinking, mental agility, intellectual curiosity, and creativity based on sound reasoning and analysis.

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Audience Analytics for Esports

Esports events and productions create a vast amount of customer data which can be analyzed to show esports' participants' behaviours and industry trends. Students will learn to scrutinize data to determine authentic sources, apply statistics to real world data to determine key insights in this industry and understand the rapid growth of this industry. Students will use different analysis methodologies, interpret statistical results and translate their analytic results into a technical presentation.

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Evolution of Esports Technology

As the esports industry continues to grow and embrace new technologies - Wearables, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and others - athletes, teams, leagues, and the professionals advising them must have the knowledge base to produce content in these environments and allow consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of use. Growing attention to esports and the related analytics will result in increased partnerships between emerging technology companies and esports teams and leagues. For athletes, spectators, developers, and marketers, knowing about the finer details is vital for success in this industry. In this course, students will examine current technologies that the leaders in the industry are using, how they are accelerating the rate of adoption, and driving the most value for their organizations. Students will further explore trends and technological advancements within the ecosystem of developers, content producers, leagues, athletes and media metrification which are expected to benefit the industry as a whole.

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Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing

Top brands are increasingly incorporating esports into their marketing mix to engage young consumers in an interactive and multi-sensory brand experience. Students will examine how brand marketers are strategically sponsoring and partnering with esports entities and events to bring their brand's personality to life by actively engaging consumers with their brand and creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. Students will discuss how brands create deep-rooted value and loyalty among esports participants and audiences, while also examining how brands' use of event and experiential marketing, coupled with influencer/social media marketing, have driven the exponential growth of the esports industry.

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Program Outcomes

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Develop an integrated marketing and communications plan for an esports entity based on industry best practices and that meets the needs of a client's desired marketing and financial ROI objectives.
  • Evaluate the brand management strategies and contrasting business models of various esports entities including teams, leagues, licensees, franchises, athletes and ancillary right holders, to determine ways to grow brand equity and competitive advantage.
  • Recommend audience engagement strategies to enhance the viewer base of live and virtual esports competitions.
  • Develop revenue models that take into account the value of esports events and media rights for brands, sponsors and media companies to enhance the value proposition and earnings potential of an integrated esports partnership.
  • Recommend integrated marketing strategies that can enhance an esports entities social reach and engagement through use of a range of social, digital and broadcast media platforms.
  • Conduct market research that captures insights about esports consumer, competitive, and collaborative environments to guide marketing management decision-making.
  • Develop a comprehensive esports sponsorship proposal and activation plan that provides measurable benefits to brand sponsors.
  • Analyze esports viewer, participant and influencer data to determine patterns or trends in consumer behavior and preferences that factor into the design of an esports marketing management strategy.
  • Communicate information persuasively and accurately in oral, written and digital formats to recommend esports marketing strategies.

OSAP Funding Available

This program is eligible for OSAP funding.

Course load is used by OSAP to determine funding options for programs.

Course load is calculated by dividing the number of courses you are enrolled in at the same time by the total number of courses per semester. For example, in Esports Marketing Management there are 6 courses in semester 1 and 6 courses in semester 2.

To be considered for part-time OSAP, you must have a course load between 20-59%. If you are taking 2 or 3 courses in Esports Marketing Management in a given term, you may be considered for part-time student grants and loans.

  • 2 course (33%)
  • 3 courses (50%)


Program Contacts

Joanna Crabtree
Director, Centre for Graduate & Professional Studies
416-491-5050 ext.26825