Business Applications - APP


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ACA220 - Business Applications - APP


All entry and technical courses must have been completed before taking this course.
In addition, you must have completed the Ethics and Workplace Skills course (or be taking it concurrently).
Permission from the Academic Program Manager is required for entry.

This course requires students to apply the ACAF Method to a single comprehensive business scenario. Each week, the business scenario will require students to demonstrate a different combination of technical skills acquired through the technical application courses, along with workplace skills such as the following: communication, routine problem solving, personal management and teamwork, management and analysis of information, and ethics.
The scenario deals with financial accounting, management accounting, finance, taxation, audit and information systems issues, providing practice in these technical areas through the application of the ACAF Method. Working both individually and in groups, students will incorporate material from prerequisite courses and continue to refine their workplace skills.

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