Not-for-Profit and Related Topics - ENP


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ACA260 - Not-for-Profit and Related Topics - ENP


All entry and technical courses must have been completed before taking this course.
In addition, you must have completed the Ethics and Workplace Skills course (or be taking it concurrently).
Permission from the Program Coordinator is required for entry.

This course emphasizes the application of accounting concepts encountered in the not-for-profit and charities sector.
The purpose of this course is to produce a mid-level accountant with skills in the not-for-profit sector able to function in environments of low- to mid-level complexity with low levels of uncertainty. The course will focus on applied knowledge, using authentic not-for-profit scenarios that require students to demonstrate the application of technical knowledge. Accounting software is integrated throughout the course to help students develop the skills needed in the marketplace. In addition, this course will help students develop other skills such as communication, managing and analyzing information, solving routine problems and effectively promoting personal management and teamwork. This course covers the following topics: how not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) are created; the concepts of good governance and internal controls with an NFPO; differences in accounting between NFPOs and for-profit entities; fund accounting and the use of the restricted fund method; the deferral method of accounting for contributions; the characteristics of registered charities; a brief overview of various types of government organizations, and Accounting Software Application.

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