Commercial Property Analysis


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AIC401 - Commercial Property Analysis

The Commercial Property Analysis course is intended to give the real estate practitioner student a working knowledge of the design, construction, and inspection of commercial properties. The course will provide you with detailed information on building design, construction, materials, components, and systems for office, apartment, retail, industrial, and agricultural properties. The material is intended to be introductory in nature; it is important to keep in mind that study of this course by itself does not certify the reader as a qualified building inspector or developer of commercial properties. The purpose of this course is not to make you an expert in the design, construction, and post construction evaluation of commercial properties - experts and specialists offer each of these services and can provide much more in-depth knowledge of this area than would ever be required of a real estate professional. This course will instead offer a practical overview of what architects, engineers, and other specialists must consider when they are designing and constructing commercial properties, and offer insight into how these factors affect the value of the real estate asset.

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