Artificial Intelligence (AI) Essentials for Leaders


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AIL101 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Essentials for Leaders

Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated our lives in ways that were only science fiction just a few decades ago. Businesses and governments are competing with each other in the AI race, knowing that the rewards for winning are beyond imagination. Those at the forefront of the AI revolution are transforming their strategies to capitalize on the power of AI to optimize operations, expand markets and improve their bottom line.

AI brings with it challenges and opportunities. Not surprisingly, AI specialists and data scientists are in high demand and a scarce commodity, difficult to secure. Never before encountered ethical and legal challenges are being posed. New economic models are replacing traditional ones and strategy across operational areas must be transformed for AI.

During this course, in the context of your leadership role, you will discover:

  • How AI can add value across functional areas of your organization within the short-term (6 to 18 months), medium term (3 years) and longer term (5+ years).
  • The specific skills you should target during the hiring process and the nature of training existing employees must be provided.
  • Ways to navigate through legal and ethical issues posed by AI and how to anticipate new developments on this front.
  • Changing economic models that may impact your business and needed strategy changes (short and long-term) to accommodate these new models.

The course runs over four evenings (approximately fourteen hours total) encompassing what leaders need to know to modify their organization's strategic direction to capitalize on the power of AI.

As opposed to a mathematical/computer science perspective, this is a non-technical course with a focus on the strategic, HR, and economic implications of AI. As necessary, the course will touch upon key technical AI topics, explaining them in layperson terms.

Topics covered will include:

  • Overview of AI - definition, history and future potential
  • The human brain (its operation and how AI is replicating this)
  • Relationships between AI, robotics and automation
  • Artificial Neural Networks: The Killer Application
  • Workings of the human brain as related to artificial neural networks (ANNs)
  • Foundations of data science
  • Predictive models and their impact on the business
  • Laws of robotics and laws of AI
  • Medical, social and financial ethical issues
  • The fourth industrial revolution (how it is different than the first three?)
  • The new AI economic model
  • Governments, Central Banks, and investors (what should they do about/with AI?)

About the Facilitator: Ramy Taraboulsi

Ramy has a passion for all things FinTech and AI. He has an engineering undergraduate degree combined with a masters in Computer Science, and MBA, and he is also a CFA. This academic background makes him a perfect fit for teaching in Seneca's Fintech post graduate program as well as in Schulich's MBA program. Ramy has been lead researcher on multiple fintech applied research projects and spends multiple hours per day analyzing and commenting on economic and market activities through his online articles.

In addition to his academic career, Ramy is currently holding directorship positions in multiple organizations. In the past, Ramy held multiple executive positions including chairman and CEO of SyncBASE Inc.; CIO of Insurance Bureau of Canada; VP, Internet Strategy and Development, Fidelity Investments; VP, Internet Technology, Merrill Lynch; and Chief Systems Architect, Mercer Human Resources Consulting. He started his career as a programmer and he is still spending many long hours every week enhancing his programming skills specifically in the fields of AI and Machine Learning.

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