Applied Professional Communications


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APC100 - Applied Professional Communications

Required course for CPA/CPD/CPAC/CNS/CTY/AST programs but cannot be used as a General Education credit.

This course focuses on group work, team building, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, conflict and time management with applications to the computer industry. In this course, you are developing the skills that will make you not only a greater asset to an employer, but a more confident and accomplished individual. APC100 will give you a thorough grounding in employability skills listed as essential by the Conference Board of Canada in our global, knowledge-based society of the 21st century. You will be introduced to the theoretical background, then given ample opportunity to develop your expertise in these communication, teamwork, personal management, presentation and thinking skills. You will both require and be further developing these skills in all the courses of your programme. Only students who have a Canadian university degree in the humanities will be considered for advanced standing. These students must provide detailed course outlines from their university.

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