8th Fire: Relationship between Natives & Newcomers


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CUL208 - 8th Fire: Relationship between Natives & Newcomers



The prophecy talks about the relationship between the Native and non-Native people, and in the 8th fire both groups need to understand one another and learn from one another. Using this traditional understanding of the relationship and western academic methods this course will be engaging and challenging to all. The reward will include a greater appreciation of all things Aboriginal and a different professional approach than others.

The relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people has reached a critical mass. Aboriginal people are the fastest growing population in Canada and the birth rate is not declining. All professionals will at some point in their career deal with an Aboriginal person or issue, and this course will provide context for that point. Aboriginal people have a unique place within the Canadian context. Navigating both cultural and political landmines will determine the success of the relationship of the professional in various situations. This course aims to be much more than a typical Native Studies or Indigenity course. Using sociological theories as the basis, this interactive, debate based course will explore the history of the relationship, the common myths and steps forward.

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