Conceptualizing Pedagogy: Post-modern Perspective


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EAD408 - Conceptualizing Pedagogy: Post-modern Perspective

This course explores some of the most recent critiques of and discourses in early childhood education. Conventional concepts such as quality, values, and child development outcomes will be re-examined through the lens of a postmodern view of education. The developing teacher will be challenged to reconsider accepted approaches such as the compartmentalization of ages and stages, universal definitions of care and quality, and images and constructions of the child. Through critical analysis, the students will develop an understanding of 'meaning making', documentation, critical thinking, reflection, and local/regional knowledge and action and in doing so, develop an understanding of postmodernism's desire to transgress the values and assumptions of modernity. Working examples of pedagogical practice will include Reggio Emilia, The Stockholm Project, and The First Nations Partnerships Program at the University of Victoria's School of Child and Youth Care. Such examples will be analyzed as alternatives to conceptualize and practice early childhood education and care.

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