Integrative Seminar/Field Placement


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EAD500 - Integrative Seminar/Field Placement


EAD400 Integrative Seminar/Field Placement II

This is the third in a sequence of Integrative Seminar/Field Placement courses for students in the BAA - Child Development degree program. This course offers the Child Development student an opportunity to participate as part of a team and interact with children and families in a community organization. Classroom activities model and encourage reflective practice and group problem-solving. The field placement will be supervised, and will assist the student in applying theory to practice, working with children and their families. Students will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and are expected to take on a facilitation role. The field placement offers the student the opportunity to work in diverse settings that vary from work experiences and from previous field placement experiences to extend understanding and promote new skills. The course includes an integrative seminar, to allow students to have broadened discussions generated from their experiences in field placement.

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