Emotional Well Being in Young Children


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EAD510 - Emotional Well Being in Young Children


EAD410 Attachment in Infancy and Early Childhood

Emotional well being in infancy and early childhood is reflected in key developmental capacities and the kind of primary relationships present in the lives of children from birth through 5. At the core is the ability to: experience a range of feelings about self and others; experience both positive and negative emotions; control and regulate emotions in culturally appropriate ways; and to develop self-confidence and self-worth. The pathway to these capacities is subject to complex transactions of genetic, biological and psychosocial processes that either hinder or support adaptation at particular points in a child's development. Students will examine the issue of risk and protective factors and resiliency in child development. This is critical to practitioners who must be able to recognize symptoms of emotional issues, determine all possible causes, and design protective strategies within their scope of practice, referring to other professionals as appropriate.

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