Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Learning


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EAD702 - Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Learning


EAD602 Brain Research and Cognitive Development

This course is designed to help students identify and effectively support children affected by stress, trauma and/or violence. Students will learn the signs and symptoms of stress and trauma, including exploring key definitions and statistics associated with child abuse and neglect. Students will explore how stress, violence and trauma affect children's learning, cognitive brain development and social-emotional development. The short and long term consequences of being exposed to stress, trauma or violence, as well as the social and family causes, will be reviewed. Students will be able to identify specific factors that exist in families and communities where stress and violence are common. A major emphasis in this course is to help students understand the special learning needs of the children who experience stress, trauma or violence in his/her life and how to meet his/her needs in a supportive environment. Working with parents and community agencies are also emphasized.

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