Semiconductor Devices


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ELD255 - Semiconductor Devices


ETY155 & LIN155

This course provides an introduction to the electronic devices at the heart of all modern technology. It explores characteristics, principles and applications for diodes (rectifier, Zener and LED), transistors (BJT, FET and MOSFET) and operational amplifiers (Op-amps). This is a strongly lab-centric course, with lectures focusing on the support of hands-on lab work. Circuit analysis and design are aligned with Electronic Design and Automation (EDA) flow principles including schematic capture, circuit SPICE simulation (with OrCAD), prototyping, and test and measurement. Students learn how to analyze, design, build and troubleshoot a variety of circuits including rectifier circuits, power supplies and voltage regulators, transistor switches, Common Emitter (CE) amplifiers, and open and closed loop Op-amp circuits. A lab project draws together the key elements from this course. Students emerge with comprehensive and practical hands-on experience in basic electronic device analysis and design which provides a foundation for subsequent studies.

Note: Class meets virtually every Monday and Wednesday.

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