Advanced Stock Market Investing


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FFP410 - Advanced Stock Market Investing

This course builds on the foundation established by course FFP310 - Introduction to Stock Market Investing. It is designed to equip students with advanced techniques and strategies in stock market investing with a portfolio manager's mind-set. This includes covering day trading strategies and advance technical & fundamental analysis. You will also learn international diversification and tax implications. No investment and portfolio management course is complete without discussing risk management. In this section, you will learn how to define, monitor and manage risk in your portfolio.

All materials presented in the course are solely for educational and instructional purposes. None of the materials presented constitutes investment advice or investment recommendations. All students should seek the advice of a registered investment professional or conduct their own due diligence when evaluating investment opportunities they are considering.

The instructor has no affiliation with any firm(s) that may be mentioned during the course. The instructor does not receive any referral fees or compensation from any of the products or services that may be mentioned during the course.

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