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FNT106 - Cybersecurity

FinTech Security is a critical underlying component of all aspects of financial technology. This course identifies key components, organizes layers of protection and connects the dots between data security and compliance.

With the growing reliance on and popularity of the internet, online criminal behaviour such as fraud and identity theft continues to grow. This course reviews the key concepts of data and information security. It covers the technical skills and knowledge necessary to protect financial institutions, and thus individuals (consumers and employees), from cybercrimes. Students will also gain an understanding of the cybersecurity industry's best practices and standards and be able to assist financial institutions in implementing cybersecurity policies and procedures using FinTech applications.

This course emphasizes the principles of standardization, the classification of safeguards, and the identification of opportunities for privacy abuse and security exploitation, using actual scenarios and examples that will provide essential knowledge for the workplace.

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