IAF410 - Intermediate Financial Accounting II


ENG106 - Writing Strategies
IAF310 - Intermediate Accounting I

This course includes an in-depth analysis of accounting for specific items in liabilities and shareholders' equity. Coverage includes a review of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), as codified in the CICA Handbook, that apply to the following topics: current and long-term liabilities, shareholders' equity, complex financial instruments, pensions and other post-employment benefits, corporate income taxes and leases. The calculation of earnings per share and the preparation of cash flow statements for more complex situations, in accordance with GAAP, are also covered in this course. The statement user perspective is reinforced through a review of financial statement analysis techniques at a more advanced level. Relationships between accountants, reporting corporations and statement readers receive close attention in this course, with a view to making decisions that establish a viable and ethical approach to fulfilling the accountant's role in the financial reporting process. A global perspective is maintained in this course through a comparison of Canadian and international accounting standards for the specific topics covered.

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