Introduction to the Social Sciences II


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INS200 - Introduction to the Social Sciences II


ENG106 or one lower-level liberal studies (LSO) or Critical Thinking course.

This course provides a foundation for further study in the social sciences by introducing students to their basic subject matter and theory, focusing in particular on political science and economics. It is designed for students in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, forming a basis for upper level social science courses. It will also serve as a Liberal Studies course suitable to provide an introduction to social science topics for the broader body of Seneca College students. The course is unified via a focus on central themes relevant to all the social sciences, such as power and human nature. Through lectures, readings, discussions, and assignments both online and in-class, this course offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary introduction to these central issues, integrating diverse social science approaches to the topic. The course emphasizes the development of critical thinking and writing skills, facilitates the practical application of student learning, and promotes the integration of social science insights into students' broader understanding of themselves and their world. Introduction to the Social Sciences 1 is not a prerequisite.

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