Internet III - Web Programming on Windows


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INT422 - Internet III - Web Programming on Windows


INT322, DBS201 and IOS110, (VB.NET programming experience would be beneficial)

The Windows platform was the first to bring the convenience of scripting to server-side web programming, and ASP (Active Server Pages) technologies are preferred by developers working on the Windows platform. The popularity of Windows, combined with the demand for functional, scalable, and high-performance web application, has resulted in numerous opportunities for web programmers trained in developing sites using ASP. This course specifically addresses the skills needed to develop feature-rich database-driven web sites running on Windows servers. The course will focus on ASP.NET server-side programming using the Visual C#.NET language. ADO.NET will be used for database access, and technology such as XML Web Services will also be covered. Installation and configuration of IIS (Internet Information Server) will be studied, as will Window-specific Internet-related security issues.

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