Specialization - Investigative Journalism


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JRN410 - Specialization - Investigative Journalism



All journalists investigate. Phone calls, in-person interviews, and digital research are the everyday stuff of storytelling. But as British media theorist Hugo de Burgh put it "It is often said that journalism is the first rough draft of history; by contrast, investigative journalism provides the first rough draft of legislation." This course examines the tools used by a watchdog press as it attempts to hold institutions, business, government and the powerful accountable, mainly for crime, fraud, exploitation, discrimination and other abuses.

Students will build on news gathering techniques to conduct in-depth investigations into issues of social relevance. Advanced journalistic tools to locate, analyze/interview and incorporate difficult-to-find facts and people are studied. Fact-checking, legal and ethical verification, and multimedia story structuring for investigative journalism are explored.

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