Interviewing and Communications in Law Enforcement


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LAW140 - Interviewing and Communications in Law Enforcement


COM101/COM111, LAW120, LAW130

In Law Enforcement Communications, the student will study effective communication techniques - oral and written. He/she will be able to obtain record and report upon information pertaining to his/her investigations that are imperative to police and security services. This course will examine and provide such recording methods as the field notebook, incident report, and the electronic data system used in the investigation procedure. The breadth of topics examined will extend from the students initial observations of physical evidence at the crime scene, through to the necessary documentation of detailed information that must be gathered to provide the client(s) with a professional investigative service.
The majority of crimes are solved through the routine task of interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects. This course will also provide the basic investigative skills and assessment techniques designed to assist the student in obtaining a proper, informative and legal statement. In both the interviewing and investigative processes, practical exercises reinforce these theories.
Topic breakdown: notebooks, notebook entries, 10 codes, phonetic alphabet, Charter wordings, CPIC, Paris, NCIC, introduction to report writing, report writing system, General Occurrence Report, structured sequence of narrative, basis for a good narrative, media release issues, and witness/victim interviewing.

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