Strategy and Decision-Making for Leaders


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LED620 - Strategy and Decision-Making for Leaders

This course is designed to develop the student's strategic planning, tactical planning and decision-making competencies in order to become more effective leaders. It is ideally suited for students who are currently in leadership roles with some management experience, or those who have a strong desire to be in future leadership roles. Competency at a minimum of grade 12 English is required to be successful. This highly interactive course uses: experiential learning activities; group case studies and analysis; scenario-based problem solving activities; interactive lectures; hands on role plays, extensive classroom discussions; the creation and use of a personal leadership development plan (supported by coaching, mentoring and reflective journaling); and the preparation and presentation of a discussion paper on leadership. Through these various activities, the students will explore effective leadership skills from both a theoretical and practical perspective in order to apply them effectively in their personal and professional lives.

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