LGE810 - Chinese Language Skills 1


LGE800 or permission of the instructor

Chinese Language Skills 1 continues the development of basic vocabulary, sentence structure, and pronunciation of standard Chinese to help students understand and speak more confidently using the phonetic Hanyu Pinyin system. Students entering this level are required to know approximately 20 Chinese characters. By the end of level one, students will be able to read approximately 100 Chinese characters and write up to 20 new Chinese characters. Chinese culture will be explored throughout the course.
Note: Suitability for LGE810 will be determined by an Assessment/Placement Evaluation before a student registers for the course (Note: All students must be able to understand and answer 10 questions in Chinese. Anyone who can read or write 100 Chinese characters will NOT be able to use this course as a general education credit at Seneca).

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