International Trade - The Canadian Perspective


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LSO330 - International Trade - The Canadian Perspective

Real time information systems have resulted in a high degree of economic interdependence among nations. Canada has an opportunity to push forward the production possibilities frontier and obtain a higher level of equilibrium with help of the international trade.
This course is designed to provide a theoretical and analytical framework for understanding the complexities of international trade. It will provide insight into the effects of ever changing economic and political order on international trade, with particular reference to the Canadian economy. Implications of the current Canadian international trade policy and our multilateral agreements will be also analyzed. In addition, students will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of exchange rate determination. Students will explore issues such as: Is free trade beneficial for a country? Why do some countries adopt protectionist's policies? What are the effects, short-run and long-run, of major trade agreements on the Canadian economy? Why does the exchange rate fluctuate constantly?

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