LSO460 - Social Psychology


LSO260 or equivalent or permission of the coordinator

It is universally recognized in art, literature, history and individual experience that human beings are social beings. Who we are, how we think, how we feel, and how we behave are all subject to the influence of the situation in which we find ourselves. Social psychology is the science that attempts to examine, describe, and explain the impact of social situations on individuals and on groups. This course will examine topics within the field such as how we see ourselves and others in a social context, how attitudes are formed and changed, and the power of social situations to influence our behaviour. Building on the knowledge the learner has of psychological research methodology, this course aims to improve the student's understanding of how psychologists study social influence and interaction. Both group and individual processes will be examined in depth to encourage critical analysis of a variety of theoretical viewpoints, and to develop the learner's ability to investigate and report on current perspectives in social psychology.

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