Extinction: Biodiversity and Human Action


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LSO580 - Extinction: Biodiversity and Human Action


ENG106 (or equivalent) and one lower level Liberal Studies course, preferably from the Science category.

If current trends persist, one half of all species on earth will be extinct in less than 100 years. The results of such a loss would be devastating for humans. Biodiversity is essential to support the ecosystem services that we depend on for our wellbeing, such as food, fresh water, clean air, raw materials for construction, fuel, medicine, and the pollination of crops. Understanding the links between human wellbeing and biodiversity is essential knowledge for the 21st century. In this class, students learn the benefits of, and threats to, biodiversity, and evaluate some of the possible solutions to the current extinction crisis. Students critically examine the role of hunting and fire suppression, and identify best practices in the design of protected areas and strategies for the conservation of endangered species.

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